Colby Drilling & Blasting  

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The Best in Rock Breaking, Drilling, Chemicals & Blasting in South Africa

Colby Services

We offer a rock breaking/blasting service where we will go to a site or house, building site, construction site etc. We explain how we go about the rock breaking. We will then send you a quote with all the details you need to know on the methods ... 

NoneX Blasting cartridges 

NoneX™ technology is based on a non-detonating chemical compound enclosed in a cartridge, which reacts very quickly when ignited to produce high volumes of gas, mainly consisting of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and steam.

When the cartridge is confined in a drill hole, the gas generated by the ignition of the propellant enters into the micro-fractures created from the percussive drilling process and into the natural fractures and planes of weakness of the rock to produce a shearing of the rock or concrete often called splitting.

Colby Splitting agent

 Advantages compared with traditional explosives:

Soundless, non-explosive material

  • Safe, without any flying stone, ash, no toxic gas and shock wave
  • Low cost and effective: suit for precious stone and explosion-not allowed area
  • Shape is controllable: can get available size according to our operation ways
  • Without any special importing license: can import as general cargo
  • Can be used in an almost unlimited range of applications
  • Particularly used for breaking, cutting or demolishing stones, concrete and reinforced concrete
  • Ideal for use in situations where surrounding buildings or other structures would be damaged by flying debris or vibration.

Our Own Equipment

We have all our own equipment for our tasks. We offer a service where we will do all the drilling, mixing and pouring, as well as drilling and charging if we are going to use the RBC’s. We have all our own equipment for these tasks and it is our speciality.